At Nascent, we work with our clients to innovate and engineer meaningful digital things that people love to use.

What We Do

Product Strategy
product strategy

Great products aren’t created in a vacuum. Taking a step back to look at how things fit in the larger context results in creating better things. Understanding the users and their goal or task in a specific context or environment makes sure that we are creating an impact.

Product Strategy

Design is about empathy. Sketching and early prototyping make it easy to get early feedback and validate assumptions. High-fidelity mockups and robust prototypes explore interactions and the fine details of an interface design. Iteration is key to getting from good to great.

Product Strategy

There is nothing better than bringing a product to life. We work across web and mobile, using multiple languages and platforms. It’s all about the right tool for the job. A lean and agile approach means flexibility and being able to respond to the realities of a product lifecycle.

What We Do

Our Work

Our challenge with the Tumblr app was to bring the well-known (and loved) Tumblr brand and simple, elegant UI into the Windows Phone platform. Our approach was to focus on platform-specific features to bring the application to life and make it simple for Tumblr users to consume, post and share content on-the-go.


We created a start-up inside TELUS to completely rebuild the company’s digital products and web properties, including This collaboration wasn’t just a redesign. We helped TELUS implement organizational changes to adopt a lean, agile (and cost effective) approach that customers have validated as exceptional. Learn more on the TELUS blog.

When you’re as quality-obsessed as we are, other companies notice. We had the great pleasure of collaborating with Teehan+Lax and Hoefler & Frere-Jones to develop Readability, the app that transforms any web page into clean, easy-to-read text. Our shared goal was to make reading enjoyable online or offline via iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet and Kindle devices.


Working with the Vevo team to design the Vevo Windows and Windows mobile experience was all about combining the awesomeness of the Vevo music content with the “content over chrome” philosophy of the platform. We reached music audiences by creating an emotional experience with beautiful, sharable browsing on desktop and effortless engagement on mobile.

Like the eHarmony team, we were definitely passionate about helping singles find deep and meaningful relationships. We worked with the world’s #1 dating site to build a Windows Phone 8 app that’s all about making connections and staying connected. We focused on making it easy to sign up quickly, complete a relationship questionnaire, receive daily matches and communicate.


After the success of the S.O.S Emergency Support app, we partnered with Sharecare again, this time to build the ask-anything medical symptoms iOS app that also helps you find a doctor. A big part of our collaboration was working closely with Sharecare to develop an effective symptoms checker that asks the right questions and builds a list of possible conditions.

When we partnered with NBC to make a news app for Windows Phone 8 we realized how important it is for users to be able to access news quickly and on the go. The app makes it possible to get the latest news without ever touching a button or reading a display. It uses voice commands and text-to-speech prompts to deliver the headlines, help you find a compelling story and listen to full articles.


How We Work

Collaboration & Transparency

Some of our competitors take projects away, build big ideas and then present them. That's not how we operate. We believe in complete transparency and collaboration, and that working directly with our partners leads the better co-creation of outcomes.

Collaboration and Transparency
Design-Led Engineering
Design-Led Engineering

Everything we do delivers value and an amazing user experience. Our designers and engineers sit side-by-side, working closely together to make products that are beautiful and enjoyable to use.

Dedication to quality

We're quality obsessed maniacs. We're not just saying that. We mean it. There is no such thing as 'good enough' with us, as we are always look for ways to make things better.

Dedication to quality

Meet Our Team

We’re a tight-knit, hand-picked team of the industry’s most talented designers, strategists, engineers, quality experts and delivery managers. We’re all great at what we do. There’s no “B” team, because everyone here is empowered, challenged, passionate and inspired.

Can you see yourself here?

If you're a developer or designer who loves to learn, come grow with us. You'll collaborate with a tight-knit and hard-working team on design-driven projects, and you'll be coding and designing for the latest technologies.

We currently have an open position on our team for a Sr UX Designer. If you think you are a fit, feel free to drop us a line.

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